Over the course of the last two years, Elmer Kussiac has played concerts all around Berlin and northern Europe. Having met in early 2013 in Berlin, the three musicians discovered an instant personal and musical connection, and since this point have been actively developing their sound, aesthetic, repertoire and musical approach. The instrumentation of cello, voice, double bass, guitar and electronics combined with the improvisatory nature of the compositions gives the group a unique sound which cannot be categorized by a single genre or idiom, but straddles an alternate universe between drone, noise, rock and contemporary classical music. To the fans of Elmer Kussiac, the hypnotic, dreamlike state induced by the live concerts is a familiar experience, and one that can be guaranteed with every performance and recording!


In June of 2015 Elmer Kussiac released their first demo CD, “Juni 2015”. They have collaborated on video projects and performances with a variety of film makers, dancers and visual artists, including Guillaume Cailleau, DISTRUKTUR and Michiyasu Furutani. They have also performed in a number of festivals, including the Fusion Festival, Destruktiva VII and MultiNO!!. 


Here is a taste of Elmer Kussiac's music: